Wall Clock and Wall Decor Price Guide


Rectangular Frame : Available in 35cm x 70cm , 25cm x 35cm (each piece/panel)

Rectangular 1-Pcs Set

25cm x 35cm: RM68

35cm x 50cm: RM78

42cm x 60cm: RM118



Rectangular 2-Pcs Set

25cm x 35cm: RM88

35cm x 50cm: RM128

42cm x 60cm: RM178



Rectangular 3-Pcs Set

25cm x 35cm: RM118

35cm x 50cm: RM148

42cm x 60cm: RM238



Square Frame : Available in 28cm x 28cm, 36.5cm x 36.5cm , 46cm x 46cm (each piece/panel)

Square 1-Pcs Set

28cm x 28cm: RM58

36.5cm x 36.5cm: RM68

46cm x 46cm: RM88

60cm x 60cm: RM138




Square 2-Pcs Set

28cm x 28cm: RM78

36.5cm x 36.5cm: RM98

46cm x 46cm: RM128

60cm x 60cm: RM198




Square 3-Pcs Set

28cm x 28cm: RM108

36.5cm x 36.5cm: RM128

46cm x 46cm: RM168

60cm x 60cm: RM268





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